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File #: 21-0510    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Bid & Purchase Status: Passed
File created: 5/19/2021 In control: City Council
On agenda: 6/2/2021 Final action: 6/2/2021
Title: Update on the Harrison Shelter Rehabilitation Project and approve an increase to the Path of Life agreement.
Attachments: 1. Staff Report, 2. Exhibit 1: Harrison Shelter Change Orders





DATE:                                          06/02/2021


TO:                                          Honorable Mayor and City Council Members


FROM:                                          Maintenance Services Department

                                          Management Services Department




Update on the Harrison Shelter Rehabilitation Project and approve an increase to the Path of Life agreement.




On November 18, 2020, City Council awarded a construction contract for the Harrison Shelter Rehabilitation Project to J.A. Urban Inc. for $1,001,817. The Notice to Proceed was issued on January 4, 2021. Construction activities commenced seven days after issuance of notice to proceed. The project is currently under construction. During project construction, there were various change orders required to complete the project. Additionally, Homeless Solutions has identified various additional improvements (“Phase II”) for City Council consideration. As a result of additional work and improvements, the Harrison Shelter opening will be delayed beyond the expected date of July 1, 2021; therefore, staff recommends an increase to the Path of Life contract to continue providing required services to the community until the Harrison Shelter can be opened for use.



Recommended action                     

That the City Council:


a.                     Receive and file an update on the Harrison Shelter Rehabilitation Project.


b.                     Direct the Maintenance Services Department to proceed with cost estimates, develop a Phase II scope of work, contractor bid selection process, and return to City Council with recommendations.


c.                     Approve an $18,450 increase to the Agreement between the City of Corona and the Path of Life for a new maximum contract obligation of $130,200.





On November 18, 2020, the City Council awarded Notice Inviting Bid (NIB) 21-011CA to J.A. Urban for $1,001,817 for the Harrison Shelter Rehabilitation Project with change orders authorized up to 20% of the contract amount or $200,363.



Project Status and Current Change Orders

As of May 18, 2021, the project is nearing completion per original bid plans and specifications. There have been 28 change orders for a total change order amount of $206,778. There have been eight negative change orders for -$63,593. The net change order amount is $143,185. A detailed explanation of change orders is provided in Exhibit 1.


Project construction continued on pace for the project's duration with some delays due to COVID-19 staffing impacts for the contractor and subcontractors. Staff has been an active partner in the project, monitoring construction progress and ensuring appropriate and justified change orders, when necessary.  For example, during the roof repair, the contractor identified that several plywood sheets showed signs of warping. Staff concurred, and the Architect of Record recommended double sheeting to keep costs low while maintaining the roof's structural integrity, extending the roof's life, and ensuring staff safety. During the final inspections, the Fire Department and Building Division identified various fire protection and building code-related improvements required due to the new tenant improvements and meeting the minimum requirements for the building and fire code. These upgrades include plans for review and approval for modifications to the fire protection systems to meet minimum code requirements. This change order also required change out of all doors and door frames in corridors and fire safety-related requirements. Other improvements included the extension of the fire sprinkler system to cover the newly-installed outdoor patios, electrical upgrades in the kitchen, relocation of existing fire sprinkler heads in the “Dining Room” due to their proximity to ceiling fans, installation of air vents, and 1-inch gap at the roof for water heater and modifications to air conditioning units on the roof by installing crickets to protect the roofing against future damages per minimum code requirements. This work is now underway.


Mandated Disabled Access Improvements

A final inspection was conducted on May 19, 2021, to evaluate compliance with disabled access requirements of the Building Code. At the time this staff report was prepared, the findings have not been received; however, the inspector discussed the findings with City staff during the inspection. Accordingly, interior and exterior improvements will need to be completed. Once staff receives the findings, then staff will determine the cost of the mandated improvements. If the cost estimate is within the previously authorized change order authority, staff will proceed with the improvements. If the improvements require additional funding, the item will be brought back to City Council for consideration.


Phase II: Homeless Solutions Proposed Additional Improvements

During construction, new partnerships were developed to support the Homeless Strategic Plan. As a result of these new partnerships and team discussions about maximum functionality of the Shelter/Navigation Center, Homeless Solutions is proposing additional improvements. The improvements listed below will enhance the provision of multi-disciplinary services at the Shelter/Navigation Center.


Centro Medico Community Clinic on Site Services

Centro Medico Community Clinic has agreed to provide medical, behavioral health, dental, and post-hospital recuperative care services for homeless clients referred by the Shelter Operator.  In the spirit of collaboration and excellence in service provision, Centro Medico Community Clinic has identified specific improvements that will increase the functionality and delivery of services at the facility. These improvements include adding a separation wall at the west wing of the building, installation of a restroom and doorways.


Security System Enhancements

The Harrison Shelter/Navigation Center will be serving homeless clients living with mental illness, substance abuse issues, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other co-occurring diagnoses. To ensure the safety of shelter clients, shelter staff, and the surrounding community, the existing facility security, surveillance, and card access system will need to be upgraded. This will require design and installation.


Dog Run Shelter/Patio Cover

The Harrison Shelter/Navigation Center will accommodate homeless clients with pets and service animals. The newly installed dog run does not have a shade cover. Staff has identified a need for a shade structure to protect pets from heat and inclement weather.


Upon direction from the City Council, staff will develop a scope of work to design and install the proposed Phase II improvements and bring these items back to City Council for approval.


Path of Life Shelter

The existing Path of Life Shelter Purchase Order expires on June 30, 2021. Since the Harrison Shelter/Navigation Center will not be open on July 1, 2021, staff recommends extending the existing Purchase Order through October 31, 2021, and approving an $18,450 increase to the Agreement between the City of Corona and the Path of Life. City Council approval of this request will ensure that shelter resources are available to Corona’s homeless neighbors during the completion of Phase II improvements, approval of a Shelter Operator, and program start-up.



The City Council previously approved funding for this project in the amount of $1,001,817 with an additional $200,363 in change order authority.


Original Contract Amount


Change Orders


New Contract Amount



Change Order Authority$200,363


Changer Orders approved


Remaining Change Order Authority



The $18,450 increase in the Path of Life Agreement is within the existing Homeless Solutions Fiscal Year 2021 budget approved by City Council. There is no further financial impact as a result of the recommended action.



This action is categorically exempt pursuant to Section 15301 of the Guidelines for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which is defined as “Existing Facilities (§ 15301) - operation, repair, maintenance, permitting, leasing, licensing, or minor alteration of existing public or private structures, facilities, mechanical equipment, or topographical features, involving negligible or no expansion of use beyond that existing at the time of the CEQA determination” and is therefore exempt from CEQA.  This action merely involves receiving and filing the update on the Harrison Shelter Rehabilitation Project. Therefore, no environmental analysis is required.







1.                     Exhibit 1 - Harrison Shelter Change Orders Descriptions