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File #: 21-0861    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Public Hearing Status: Passed
File created: 9/13/2021 In control: Planning and Housing Commission
On agenda: 10/11/2021 Final action:
Title: PP2020-0006: Precise Plan application for the review of two professional medical office buildings totaling 21,400 square feet, located at the southwest corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Pronio Circle in the Entertainment Commercial (EC) designation of the Dos Lagos Specific Plan (SP99-03). (Applicant: Griffin Haupert of Griffco Land, LLC., 2518 N. Santiago Blvd., Orange, CA 92867)
Attachments: 1. Staff Report, 2. Exhibit 1 - Resolution No. 2575, 3. Exhibit 2 - Locational and Zoning Map, 4. Exhibit 3.A - Site Plan, 5. Exhibit 3.B - Conditions of Approval, 6. Exhibit 3.C - Parcel Map, 7. Exhibit 3.D - Grading Plan, 8. Exhibit 3.E - Elevations for Building 1, 9. Exhibit 3.F - Elevations for Building 2, 10. Exhibit 3.G - Floor Plan, 11. Exhibit 3.H - Signage, 12. Exhibit 3.I - Conceptual Landscape Plan, 13. Exhibit 3.J - Applicant's letter dated October 7, 2021, 14. Exhibit 4 - Environmental Documentation





DATE:                                          10/11/2021


TO:                                          Honorable Chair and Commissioners


FROM:                                          Planning & Development Department


APPLICATION REQUEST:                     


PP2020-0006: Precise Plan application for the review of two professional medical office buildings totaling 21,400 square feet, located at the southwest corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Pronio Circle in the Entertainment Commercial (EC) designation of the Dos Lagos Specific Plan (SP99-03). (Applicant: Griffin Haupert of Griffco Land, LLC., 2518 N. Santiago Blvd., Orange, CA 92867)




Recommended action                     

That the Planning and Housing Commission adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring Plan and adopt Resolution No. 2575 APPROVING PP2020-0006 based on the findings contained in the staff report and conditions of approval.




Area of Property:                                          2.065 acres

Existing Zoning:                                          EC (Entertainment Commercial) of SP99-03

Existing General Plan:                     MU1 (Mixed Use Commercial/Residential)

Existing Land Use:                     Vacant

Proposed Land Use:                     Commercial Development

Surrounding Land Uses and Zoning:

N: Live/Work units in the EC (Entertainment Commercial) designation of SP99-03

E: Residential developments in the R (Residential) designation of SP99-03

S: Commercial center in the EC (Entertainment Commercial) designation of SP99-03

W: Commercial center in the EC (Entertainment Commercial) designation of SP99-03



Precise Plan 2020-0006 is a proposal to develop two professional medical buildings on a two-acre parcel located at the southwest corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Pronio Circle. The subject site is within the Dos Lagos Specific Plan and zoned Entertainment Commercial (EC), which permits medical offices by right. 


The subject property is located on the north end of The Shops at Dos Lagos shopping center (Exhibit 2), at the southwest corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Pronio Circle. It is bordered by a manmade lake (“Dos Lagos lakes”) to the west and a restaurant parking lot to the south. To the north are live/work units, separated from the project site by Pronio Drive. To the west are residential units, located on the other side of Temescal Canyon Road. Presently the property is partially developed with a parking lot.


The project is associated with Parcel Map 37221, an application to subdivide the property into two parcels. PM 37221 will provide each of the proposed office buildings with its own property. Parcel Map 37221 is being reviewed concurrently with PP2020-0006.


The project was preliminarily reviewed by staff on April 9, 2020 (DPR2020-0004). The applicant formally submitted the parcel map and precise plan applications on October 6, 2020. The applications were reviewed by the Project and Environmental Review Committee on October 29, 2020. The applications were determined incomplete; and staff provided the applicant a letter outlining missing items. The applicant subsequently submitted missing information on January 29, 2021 and July 21, 2021. The applications were deemed complete on September 1, 2021.




Site Plan

Attached as Exhibit 3.A is the applicant’s site plan. Building 1 is located at the property’s west perimeter, near the lakes. Building 1 is two stories and has a total floor area of 17,164 square feet. Building 2 is located at the northeast corner of the property, near the intersection of Pronio Circle and Temescal Canyon Road. Building 2 is 4,236 square feet and one story. The placement of the buildings and overall layout comply with the minimum building setback requirements of the Dos Lagos Specific Plan’s EC zone. 


Each building is proposed within its own parcel, as proposed by Parcel Map 37221. The parcel proposed for Building 1 is 59,125 square feet; and the parcel for Building 2 is 30,844 square feet. A copy of the proposed parcel map is attached for reference (Exhibit 3.C). 


Parking spaces and a central drive aisle is located between the buildings, and will provide vehicular access to each parcel.  A trash enclosure for each of the two parcels is proposed in the parking lot.


The property’s existing grade is approximately four (4) feet higher than the street grade on Temescal Canyon Road. This grade difference requires the construction of an approximately 5-foot-high retaining wall along the property’s east perimeter. Retaining walls ranging of one (1) foot to four (4) feet in height are proposed in the Pronio Circle setback to accommodate an ADA walkway. All retaining walls will be constructed of decorative masonry.


Architecture and Floor Plans

The Dos Lagos Specific Plan establishes “Eclectic Mediterranean” as the underlying architectural theme for all developments within the specific plan area. However, the Specific Plan offers flexibility to developments that are located along the perimeters of the Dos Lagos lakes, provided that the architecture is reviewed through the precise plan process. The proposed project is located adjacent to the lake. 


Exhibits 3.E and 3.F illustrate the buildings’ design. Building 1 features brick veneer with stone panels on the exterior. Building 2 proposes the same brick stone veneer material with plaster walls. Both buildings have tinted glass windows with aluminum canopies. The buildings’ colors and materials are traditional, and are compatible with the surrounding residential and commercial buildings. Both buildings are below the Specific Plan’s 60-foot height limit, and all rooftop mechanical equipment will be screened by parapet walls to ensure they are not visible from streets, parking lots or the ground level of adjacent properties.


The floor plans are shown in Exhibit 3.G. Limited details are provided at this time, as the applicant has not yet identified tenants. It is anticipated that the applicant will separate the interior floor space into separate suites. Individual tenant improvements be reviewed by staff when building permits are submitted.



Exhibit 3.A depicts the project’s parking. The two buildings share parking through a reciprocal easement, and the parking lot meets with minimum requirements of Corona Municipal Code (CMC) Chapter 17.76 - Off Street Parking.


                                                                                                                              TABLE A

                                                                                                         Parking Requirement


Building Square Footage

Parking Ratio

Parking Required

Parking Provided



1 parking space/200 square feet of building area





1 parking space/200 square feet of building area










Access, Circulation and Public Improvements

On-site circulation consists of a 30-foot wide main drive aisle located between the proposed buildings. The drive aisle connects to an existing driveway on Pronio Circle to the north, and to an existing parking lot at the adjacent Dos Logos shopping center to the south. The Dos Logos shopping Center has multiple entrances along Temescal Canyon Road. 


Temescal Canyon Road is classified by the General Plan as a major arterial; and Pronio Circle is classified as a local street. Both roadways are capable of handling the traffic associated with the proposal. The portion of Temescal Canyon Road adjacent to the project site is fully improved with roadway, curb and gutter, landscaped parkway and sidewalk. No additional widening is required for this portion of Temescal Canyon Road.  The portion of Pronio Circle adjacent to the site is improved with curb and gutter, but has a missing sidewalk where Building 2 is proposed.  The applicant is required to construct the missing sidewalk.



Exhibit 3.I depicts the project’s conceptual landscape plan. The plan proposes seven different types of trees, with planting sizes ranging from 24 to 48 inch boxes. The trees will be planted around the perimeters of the project and throughout the parking lot to provide shade for vehicles. Screen shrubs will be provided between the parking lots and adjacent streets to buffer headlights. All landscape areas will conform to the City of Corona Landscape Guidelines and the Landscape Ordinance, which is codified under Chapter 17.70 of the CMC. 



Per the Specific Plan, a commercial center under 20 acres in size is limited to no more than one project identification sign (i.e., monument or pylon sign) per street frontage. Exhibit 3.H illustrates the proposed sign program for the development. An 8-foot-high multi-tenant monument sign is proposed at the Pronio Circle entrance. The sign is designed to advertise four tenant names; however, the Specific Plan limits the number of tenant names on a monument sign to no more than three tenants. Condition 15 in the Conditions of Approval (Exhibit 3.B) require the monument sign to be revised to comply with the Specific Plan.


A second 5-foot-high multi-tenant monument sign is proposed at the corner of Temescal Canyon Road and Pronio Circle. This location is considered the Temescal Canyon frontage for signage purposes. The sign is designed to advertise three tenant names.


The proposed signage complies with the Specific Plan’s sign development standards in terms of placement, height, and maximum allowable sign area. The signs have burgundy tenant panels which are supported by a dark brown colored post on one side, and a black latticed post on the other. The materials and colors of the monument signs complement the earth-toned brick and plaster of the proposed office buildings. Although the project is located adjacent to The Lakes at Dos Logos shopping center, the project is not part of the center, and therefore does not need to comply with or otherwise match the center’s sign program.



Per Section 15070 of the State Guidelines for Implementing the California Quality Act (CEQA) and Section 6.02 of the City’s Local CEQA Guidelines, a Mitigated Negative Declaration was prepared for the project.  The Initial Study identified that the project’s potentially significant effects to the environment are capable of being mitigated to less than significant.  Therefore, based on the mitigation measures identified in the Mitigated Negative Declaration, there is no substantial evidence, in light of the whole record before the City, that the project may have a significant effect on the environment (Exhibit 4).



The applicant paid the application processing fees to cover the cost of the precise plan review as required by City resolution.  There is no fiscal impact to the city.





A 20-day public notice was mailed to all property owners within a 500-foot radius of the project site, as well as advertised in the Sentinel Weekly News and posted at the project site.  As of the preparation of this report, the Planning and Development Department has not received any response from the public regarding the proposal.



The existing land uses that surround the project site consist of commercial retail and recreational uses. The live/work units that are located across the street from the project site are non-traditional residential units that incorporate professional workspace. The proposed office project is a passive land use that would not generate noise or undesirable activities beyond normal parking activities.  The project is designed with the less-imposing one-story building placed closer to the live/work units and Temescal Canyon Road, while the two-story building is placed at the back of the property. The building height and layout result in a project that fits the scale of the neighboring developments.  The offices will attract tenants and patrons to the area who will likely utilize the nearby restaurants and retail shops. Therefore, the project is not only appropriate for the site and surrounding area, but also supports the businesses in the area. 


Offices uses are permitted by right in the Dos Lagos Specific Plan’s Entertainment Commercial (EC) zone. The Specific Plan envisioned the EC zone as having various types of active and passive uses set within a pedestrian oriented environment.  Office uses complement the Specific Plan’s vision, as they are within walkable distance of the lakes, the shopping center, and nearby residential developments.


The project as designed and conditioned meets all applicable develop standards pertaining to building setbacks, parking, landscaping, and signage. The project has adequate vehicular access from the adjacent streets. The architecture for the buildings includes materials and colors that are compatible with the surrounding developments. Although the Specific Plan does not require developments that are located lakeside to the Dos Lagos lakes to comply with the Specific Plan’s adopted Eclectic Mediterranean theme, the buildings include comparable elements in terms of colors and materials. This allows the buildings to fit in with the character of the area while maintaining a unique identity.  


The project has been analyzed pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). A Mitigated Negative Declaration is proposed for adoption, as all potential environmental impacts associated with the project are capable of being mitigated to less than significant. 


The Planning Division recommends approval of PP2020-0006 based on the findings listed below and staff’s recommended conditions of approval (Exhibit 3.B).




1.                     An initial study (environmental assessment) has been conducted by the City of Corona so as to evaluate the potential for adverse environmental impacts. The initial study identifies potentially significant effects on the environment, but:


a.                     The project applicant has agreed to revise the project to avoid these significant effect, or to mitigate the impacts so that no significant effects would occur, as reflected in the Conditions of Approval attached as Exhibit 3.B.

b.                     As revised or mitigated, there is no substantial evidence before the City that the revised project may have a significant effect.


2.                     All the conditions necessary to granting a Precise Plan as set forth in Section 17.91.070 of the Corona Municipal Code exist in reference to PP2020-0006 for the following reasons:


a.                     The proposal is consistent with the MU1 (Mixed Use 1) land use designation of the General Plan because this land use permits neighborhood serving commercial and office uses.

b.                     The proposal complies with the EC (Entertainment Commercial) zone within the Dos Lagos Specific Plan (SP99-03) because office uses are permitted by right, and the site plan has been designed in accordance with the development standards imposed by the EC zone.

c.                     The proposal has been reviewed in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act and all applicable requirements and procedures of the act have been followed. As described in Finding #1, the project is being mitigated to a level of impact that is less than significant.

d.                     The site is of a sufficient size and configuration to accommodate the design and scale of the proposed development, including buildings and elevations, landscaping, parking and other physical features of the proposal, as shown in Exhibits 3.A through 3.I of this report.

e.                     The design, scale and layout of the proposed development will not unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of neighboring existing or future developments, will not create traffic or pedestrian hazards, and will not otherwise have a negative impact on the aesthetics, health, safety or welfare of neighboring uses because the proposal complies with the City’s development standards for the subject property.  The building height and layout of the buildings fit the scale of the neighboring developments.  Furthermore, the adjacent roadways are capable of handling the traffic volume attributed to the project, and all missing public improvements will be constructed or guaranteed with this project.

f.                     The architectural design of the proposed development is compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood, will enhance the visual character of the neighborhood, and is compatible with existing developments in the area because the architectural design of the project incorporates colors and material complementary to the Eclectic Mediterranean architectural style, which is the architectural theme established by the Dos Lagos Specific Plan for new developments.  This results in a development site that is harmonious, orderly and attractive to the area.

g.                     As demonstrated by the project’s architectural and landscape plans, the design of the proposed development will provide a desirable environment for its occupants, the visiting public, and neighbors through the use of materials, texture, and color that are aesthetically appealing and durable.


3.                     The proposal is consistent with the General Plan for the following reasons:


a.                     The proposed office project implements the General Plan’s Mixed Use 1 designation, which allows standalone commercial and office buildings.

b.                     The project has a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 0.24, which does not exceed the General Plan’s maximum FAR limit of 2.0 established for the Mixed Use 1 designation.

c.                     General Plan Policy LU-13.1 encourages the accommodation of mixed-use projects that integrate housing with retail, office, and other uses within the same structure or on the same site, or the development of the property exclusively for commercial and office uses in accordance with the land use plan’s designations and applicable density standards and design and development policies. While the project itself is not a mixed-use development, the project is located in an environment surrounded by a mix of uses, including a retail shopping center, publicly accessible lakes and residential dwellings. The proposed project meets the intent of Land Use Policy 13.1.


4.                     The proposal is consistent with the intent and objectives of the Dos Lagos Specific Plan (SP99-03) for the following reasons:


a.                     The proposed office project is designed per the development standards of the Dos Lagos Specific Plan, as shown by Exhibits 3.A through 3.J.

b.                     Per Section 3.4.3 of the Dos Lagos Specific Plan, the environmental setting of Planning Area 3 is intended to be a pedestrian-oriented lakeside village environment with various land uses, including restaurants, theaters, shops, hotels, venues, cafes, residential apartments and condominium, and professional offices. The office project meets the intent of Planning Area 3 and contributes to the completion of this planning area. 












1.                     Resolution No. 2575

2.                     Locational and Zoning Map

3.A - Site Plan

3.B - Conditions of Approval

3.C - Parcel Map

3.D - Grading Plan

3.E - Elevations for Building 1

3.F - Elevations for Building 2

3.G - Floor Plans

3.H - Signage

3.I - Conceptual Landscape Plan

3.J - Applicant’s letter dated October 7, 2020

4.                     Environmental Documentation


Case Planner: Rafael Torres (951) 736-2262